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Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:28

Acoustic meeting booths for the open-plan office

Acoustic meeting booths Acoustic meeting booths Hushoffice

Phone booths, office pods, and acoustic meeting pods are becoming more and more popular in modern open offices. The majority of office spaces are designed to maximize the working area, not employee satisfaction or comfort, and that's where office booths come in.

Many companies use pods to make it easier for their employees to focus, and to provide more privacy during calls and meetings. Booths may be customized depending on the available office space, and have enough room for up to four people.

Ideal acoustic through the most sophisticated details

Being surrounded by many people in an open office is tiring. Employees require more private space to become more creative and feel relaxed. Acoustic meeting booths provide an independent and private space in an office to hold energetic meetings in a comfortable and secluded environment. This compact, yet extremely comfortable workspace, is an exceptional alternative to traditional conference rooms for several reasons.

The meeting booth must prevent sound leakage, however, 100% soundproofing is not recommended either. Furthermore, there is no place for revibration and unpleasant echo-effect. Excellent acoustic and sound absorption properties allow the meeting participants to have a conversation in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Meeting booths – design and equipment

Office pods are designed to make the work easier and more pleasant, however, apart from the acoustic properties, the design of an office booth should also fit in the overall aesthetics of the premises. The materials should be modern, durable, and healthy. The best office booths are covered with special state-of-the-art materials with a nano-coating of the thin layer of titanium dioxide, preventing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, including Covid-19). The components are resistant to damage and do not require frequent maintenance. Viruses, bacteria and other organic contaminants on the surface are oxidized and the entire surface remains sterile.

Meeting booths are equipped with ventilation fans, electricity and USB outlets, dampening walls, double glass doors, and comfortable furnishings, such as an office desk and chair set. Team meetings are often long, so it is important to provide sufficient ventilation inside the meeting booth. The ventilation system provides enough fresh air and replenishes the volume on a regular basis. The complete exchange of air occurs in as little as 2.5 minutes and it continues operating for the following 5 minutes. Afterward, the cycle is repeated.

All the features of a meeting booth may be customized depending on the customer’s needs. Hushoffice booths may be equipped with a comfortable sofa, matching upholstered furniture, a tabletop and a knob to adjust the intensity of lighting and fan speed.