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Friday, 10 June 2022 11:40

AR And Social Media: Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Social Media?

Banuba AI video editorr Banuba AI video editorr

Banuba AI video editor is popular software that is used to improve the quality of videos, apply filters, and add beauty features to the main character in the footage.

It can be launched right in your browser without being downloaded to your device. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality contribute to the production of authentic videos that capture the audience's attention. Accordingly, the Banuba AI video editor is relevant to bloggers and business owners alike. However, does augmented reality have any potential for the future, and what makes it a good solution for social media?

Banuba AI Video Editor: What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality has been actively introduced into our lives. It affects absolutely all areas, including social networks. And it is difficult to imagine that the trend may decline. On the contrary, it will expand, and developers will provide users with maximum comfort when using augmented reality tools.

To understand what we are talking about, imagine a symbiosis of the real and imaginary world. Virtual augmentations created in the IT realm are superimposed on the environment. This is an excellent tool to increase the interest of friends, customers, and subscribers. For example, you want to take a picture, and you put on virtual makeup to enhance your attractiveness.

Industries Where Video Editing SDKs with Augmented Reality are Used

AI video editors with augmented reality tools are used everywhere. It can be an entertaining game or a distinctive filter for creating reels. Nevertheless, there are also more serious fields of application:

  • medicine;

  • manufacturing;

  • education;

  • marketing;

  • navigation.

For instance, when explaining certain topics to students, teachers will be able to provide more detailed information via interactive 3D projections.

The wide use of augmented reality and the development of new tools for its application opens up a lot of opportunities for all sectors. Social networks are no exception. Basically, the tools are relevant for the following options:

  1. Online stores actively operate through social networks. Sometimes it is not enough to display your goods on the pages of the website. Potential buyers want to know whether the selected garment will fit them or if the skirt might be too short. A video editing SDK and a virtual fitting will help in this endeavor.

  2. Social sector. Imagine that an important event is planned, for instance, a business conference or a social event. And if a participant cannot attend in person, video broadcasts with augmented reality tools will help.

  3. Promoting a brand and increasing its recognition. You can easily spark the interest of the public by creating unique products through the application of tools with augmented reality. It is quite likely that the brand will gain admirers. And they will wish to share information about the awesome product with their acquaintances or subscribers. In this way, you will increase the recognition of your products and company through customers.

As the IT industry develops, augmented reality will cover new areas. At this point, you can already consider the technology to be an efficient tool to expand your business.

Using Real-Time Video Editing on Social Media

Real-time video editing with augmented reality elements has taken over social networks. Snapchat was one of the pioneers. It offers special filters and lenses that can bring images to life. Games with friends are also available to users. They are very different from the usual entertainment. This is due to the fact that they are designed as selfie games with augmented reality.

The software also features the Shoppable AR. Its advantage is that business owners can promote their brand. For this purpose, they share videos, offer users to install their app, proceed to the registration page, etc. Alternatively, potential customers can test the company's product with a lens. If they like the offer, the vendor will guide the users to the company's official website or to the online store to purchase the product.

Snapchat has successfully integrated augmented reality. The technology is not imposed on users. Furthermore, Instagram and other social networks are adapting the app's functions to their platforms.

Augmented reality is also available on Facebook. The company has created a powerful tool for artists and developers. They can design their own projects using interactive features.

Banuba: Key Advantages of the Software

Banuba is software that enables users to take advantage of augmented reality in video creation. It is a state-of-the-art tool with more than 1,000 filters and other tools to improve the quality of the content. It enables you to increase the number of customers, expand your brand's presence and take your company to the next level.

When using the software, you can process video in the most well-known formats. It offers tools to process both ready-made videos and content that is created in real-time. They enable you to use various effects and filters during a video conference, in chats with friends, and when communicating with your family. Try on a hat or glasses, change your look, or add a unique character. It will raise your spirits and cause admiration from others.

Using the AI-powered video editor can help create original content for blogs or quality reviews to promote a company. In the latter case, we are referring to detailed information about the product, customer reviews, practical recommendations for customizing the released software, etc.

A huge number of tools will enable you to change the original content to suit your requirements completely. The following features are offered by the developers:

  • beauty effects. They will help you gain self-confidence by getting rid of acne, smoothing out skin imperfections, and trying on stylish makeup;

  • augmented reality face masks. Would you like to have a look of a celebrity? Do you want to experience complete transformation and try on the role of a leopard? Masks of superheroes, dangerous and cute animals, socialites, as well as other masks are available at any time;

  • video effects. Rippling or blurring effect will make a special highlight to your content when the video is played back. Bright flashes, flickers, and more effects are also offered;

  • adding text and GIFs. You can add any element that you believe is necessary to attract a large number of users;

  • trimmer. Is the video too long? No problem. Trim it by selecting a specific fragment;

  • time effects. If you're not happy with the speed of your content, you can increase or decrease it as you intended;

  • color filters. Add the shades you want to make your video spectacular and memorable;

  • Picture-in-picture. Combine multiple clips to play them on one screen. However, don't forget that the audio is performed simultaneously. If the audio tracks do not match, there may be a conflict in playback;

  • background replacement. Don't like what you see in the background? Change the background to enhance the content;

  • audio editor. Add preset tracks, change the volume and timbre of your voice, and use unique effects;

  • transition effects. A beautiful video is a key to success. Don't forget about smooth transitions and other features to achieve the desired result.

Use the software on smartphones (Android and iOS), create engaging content, and develop your brand.

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