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Monday, 06 June 2022 19:22

Electric scooter trends for 2022

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Scooters are not a new thing to the market however after many years, they started to rise in popularity as one of the trendiest forms of transportation and now constant growth is predicted for the industry.

More companies are starting to create scooters that go faster and are more powerful to be shared by multiple people in the near future due to how popular these types of greener ways of transportation are becoming. It's understandable why this is so because they were created when car technology was unable due to technological advances with their speed and efficiency. There is a growing global demand for e-scooters that has only been increasing over time as it seems like it will continue to get even bigger!

#1 Trend: further market growth

Scooters are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in Europe. A recent study found that the global electric scooter market will exceed $41 billion by 2030. Another report predicted that many US cities will have an electric scooter sharing program by 2023. The United States and China are both expected to experience explosive growth in this sector, despite the ongoing concerns about electric scooters' potential impact on road traffic.

#2 Trend: technology development in electric scooters

One of the electric scooter market trends that has been gaining a lot of attention is the smart e-scooter. These e-scooters employ a variety of technology to make them safer and more convenient to use. Artificial intelligence will make its way into design strategies for electric scooters. This artificial intelligence will be used to allow the scooters to predict the moves you're doing and protect you from accidents before they occur.

#3 Trend: improvement of infrastructure adapted to electric scooters

An increasing electric scooter population will force cities to build more and better infrastructures for use of micromobility devices such as the e-scooter. This is no easy task, however. Building infrastructure that provides safe and convenient areas for cyclists like bike routes can be difficult because often times policymakers have very little understanding of what exactly users need when it comes to e-scooters.

However, some e-scooter companies have already overcome this challenge. Tel Aviv in Israel served as a perfect example. The city wanted to add 160 km of new micromobility infrastructure by 2025 to reduce traffic congestion.

#4 Trend: Governments will become more friendly to electric scooters

In the early days of electric scooters, it was difficult for private and shared e-scooters to operate in public. After all, e-scooters are illegal to ride on public roads in most cities and countries. However, things have changed recently as legislators are starting to be more open to the idea of e-scooters, so that's good news for every electric mobility enthusiast.

Electric scooters will stay with us for longer

According to data collected from around the world, the development of electric scooters is a trend that will stay with us at least for the next few years. Even this year, companies are working on releasing hundreds of new electric scooters. One of the novelties on the market is, for example, Apollo City 2022, a model dedicated to every fan of technological innovations.