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Tuesday, 24 August 2021 18:42

Five great cosmetics on a budget you will love

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Shopping at a makeup store can be a horrifying experience and can bring a headache - cosmetics are often pricey, the variety of products and brands seems overwhelming, there is a huge cue to the sales assistant, we are in a rush, and all in all we end up with items we don't even need.

Stop. It doesn't need to look like this.

Nowadays you can do beauty shopping online, with a cup of tea in one hand. And most importantly, you can find beauty and makeup cosmetics at affordable prices! We have prepared a list of top beauty products that you can purchase online at attractive prices and with amazing discounts! Read more to learn about great beauty brands on a budget you can buy at Roxie Cosmetics.

Five great cosmetics on a budget you will love. Try them all!

 1. Bielenda

Moisture and nourish your skin with a Vegan Muesli from Bielenda. The serum contains everything a dehydrated, sensitive, and dry skin strives for: coconut milk, wheat germ oil, oat extract. Try it for only £5.99.

2. Green Pharmacy
Who doesn't like a nice long bath before a good night's sleep? Add some bath salt in your favourite fragrance. We fell in love with muscat rose & green tea and rosemary & lavender bath salts by Green Pharmacy. Now available with a 38% off at

3. Sally Hansen

Hands are one of the few things that other people first see when they look at us. If you want to have manicured, well-hydrated hands that will be your pride, take good care of your nails and cuticles with this miracle Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil, which after a discount of 38% costs less than £5! 

4. Bania Agafii

A dream of long, shiny hair is coming true! This stimulating hair growth yeast mask actually works and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Now with a 49% discount (£3.59), at Roxie Cosmetics. 

5. Ofra Cosmetics

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. With the vegan signature eyeshadow palette "Exquisite Eyes", which contains 5 bronzed warm shades with a metallic finish, your beautiful eyes will get the adornment they deserve. Available for only £16.99 at Roxie Cosmetics.

About Roxie Cosmetics is a reliable online makeup store with all your favourite beauty brands (companies such as Bielenda, Green Pharmacy, and Sally Hansen), amazing promotions, and budget cosmetics Roxie Cosmetics makeup store offers a wide range of body care products, body bath cosmetics, nail supplies. Check Roxie cosmetics' online shop, fill in the cart, enjoy free delivery to the UK from £9.99 and a gift if you buy three or more items, and welcome the beauty pack at you door.