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Sunday, 04 July 2021 18:26

All About Contract Lifecycle Management

CLM that is responsible for a contract’s lifecycle is the overall process of managing a company’s agreement and other documents related to them. Learn more about the agreements on this site here. People involved will do the creation, initiation, execution, performance checks, renewal, and expiry of the contract.

The processes are more proactive and effective when coupled with software that’s specific to the management of the documents. The contract lifecycle management process may use software that automates everything. This way, the company can work with more efficiency and save more money.

Understanding how the CLM can affect the business and limit risks in an organization will result in more success when these programs are being implemented. With automated software that provides notifications, one can increase compliance with the law’s requirements for workers, and they don’t miss any possible obligations.


  • Authoring of Templates
  • Creation of the Contract Document
  • Content Review
  • Changes and Approval
  • Execution
  • Performance Related to the Contract
  • Expiry and Renewal

The steps above are essential in the overall cycle management. In particular, most companies in the past were so focused on the terms and stipulations. They created templates to make the onboarding process easier for new recruits. However, writing the documents are only a single part of the process but also ensuring that it’s implemented really well.

Recently, the rise of tools like machine learning, technology, and artificial intelligence has been helpful in the post-execution of the terms agreed on in the contract. They can protect, accelerate, and optimize business processes and the systems get the improvement that they need.

Authoring of Templates

The templates in a company are often located in a library. By simplifying the storage areas, these places can significantly improve risk management and accelerate the turnaround of the contracts. Several templates can be accessible as long as the user specifies the selection rules.

The smart template authoring usually designs to pull out the document relevant to the clauses being typed. They may include tag metadata, custom texts, annexures, and exhibits that are helpful in many situations. The rules ensure that the templates are going through the approval process before they can be available to create the document.

The Process of Contract Creation

The creation of contracts is possible with the use of the software by utilizing several criteria. These can be services, products, price terms, and regions that are associated with the job. The rules-based capabilities of authoring can improve the agility and scalability of contracting operations, and at the same time, they can enforce the right process controls.

Advanced software may even auto-build the contract based on set business rules. The bulk data is then uploaded, and many of the users can create self-service documents to reduce legal operating expenses and more revenues.

Review Processes

The agreements should be created to help the company achieve its objectives commercially. Though AI and machine learning are considered intelligent, the fully automated document may need further review.

Programs that automate work may capture services, discounts, prices, rebates, products, and incentives in a solid structure. They help enforce terms and integrate data with the enterprise systems. However, the ideal workflow is that the managers should still review all the processes and ensure that the terms are compliant with the company’s goals.


The approval begins with the leveraging of data based on workflow definitions with several rules. The best software will automatically orchestrate and assemble the approval process in the lifecycle management. You can find more information about the definition of contract lifecycle management on the link provided, where you’ll know more about other steps like re-negotiation, renewal, and termination. Workflows are changed in a dynamic way based on the updates on negotiations and the influence of the overall workflow.

Execution of Contracts

The execution is now becoming mobile and digitized. Today, a National Football League player like a quarterback can sign and close a contract while he’s in a parking lot of a fast-food chain and is sitting inside his car. The software should have integrated electronic signatures similar to that of an Adobe Sign.

User-defined workflows should help to secure the integrations and orchestrate the overall processes. The manual signatures should be supported, including the validation of incoming signed agreements and utilizing QR codes. See info about QR codes here:

Contract Performances

Today, many management software has gained valuable insights about what’s going on inside all areas of contracts. These include procurement, sales, finance, and the legal aspects of the agreement. Full-featured analytics is often included in the software where factors like savings, deviations, risks, cycle times, statistics in renewal, procurement, and expiry are measured.

The users can achieve better compliance by tracking the completion of tasks, capturing, identifying, and assigning commitments with various vendors, employees, and contractors.

Last but not least, there can be identification and management of the risks in the post-execution process. The configurable models help track the risks in many categories like contractual, financial, and performance. Information is available so users can leverage and look up the external and internal data from other sources. To determine the risk scores, a report of continuous monitoring and proactive visibility is often available for the parties involved.

Expiry of the Contract

The software can provide notifications and proactive alerts that will indicate renewal or expiry. More often, the expiry needs confirmation on whether the employee needs to continue or not. The renewal may be monthly or annually. The dashboard provides insights about the renewal and expiry of the documents so the owners wouldn’t find themselves in a complicated situation.