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Tuesday, 20 April 2021 11:28

Best Ways To Make Your Wooden House Look More Spacious

log cabin kits log cabin kits pixabay

If you feel that your wooden home is a little tight or has less space, then it is time to think of redoing the house. It is not always possible to increase the square feet or to break down the walls of the log cabin and to add an extension to your home. It is time-consuming and costly too.

 So, how can you make your wooden house look bigger?

Well, there are many tricks and tips that you can use to visually increase the floor space of your home.

Take a look!

Go for wall storage and hidden storage

To make the room, including the bedroom, look bigger, choose the option of wall storage. This will not cover the floor area and make a wooden home look spacious. You can use the log cabin kits to add wall storage or hidden storage in your rooms.

For example, floating shelves look great on every wall and can help you store many things. Also, they will amp up the interior in many ways. Further, hidden storage under the bed or furniture also helps you save a lot of space and make rooms look bigger.

Choose light and foldable furniture

Using the right furniture that fit in your area is the key to make a log cabin look bigger. Try to use multi-functional furniture, such as a sofa bed, foldable table, a chain with long legs, and more. This will take less floor space and make your room look spacious.

Also, consider buying lightweight furniture that is easy to carry and store. Go for expandable dining tables and nesting tables as you can tuck them anywhere with ease.

De-clutter the space and keep the decor minimal

A space full of clutter looks not only untidy but also looks tight as well. So, declutter your rooms or cabinets to increase the beauty of your wooden home. Not only will it bring more joy, but a small space will not feel cramped or tight to you.

With things properly arranged or out of sight, the rooms feel spacious and bigger. Further, keep décor minimal in small spaces. The minimalism concept also goes for your walls to make space look bigger. Don’t cover the entire wall with art pieces or pictures.

Consider hanging a large art piece that creates a clutter of many pieces on a small wall.

Use mirrors on the wall

Are you wondering how a mirror can help make space look spacious? Well, the mirror on the wall reflects more light and can also create an illusion of depth in the room. This is how it makes space look bigger.

Consider using a large mirror on a blank wall in the living area or bedroom. Further, use a focal point and angle your mirrors in such a way that they reflect maximum light and brighten up space.

Final Words

A wooden house is the best place to live. If you own a small wooden home, then by following the above-mentioned tips, you can make it look spacious and bigger.