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Friday, 05 March 2021 09:52

How to choose educational puzzles according to the age of the child?

Educational toys for 5 year olds - BananaPanda Educational toys for 5 year olds - BananaPanda

Educational toys for children is a category in which many interesting and developmentally supportive products appear.

Especially popular are puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. A wide range of modern accessories makes it a difficult task to match the right set of puzzles to the age of a child. How to choose puzzles that will be attractive and developing for children of different ages?

Puzzles suitable for the youngest

Some manufacturers put suggestions on the packages of items, regarding the type of children for whom the gadgets will be suitable. It is worth remembering, however, that children develop at different rates and average indications will not always be in line with their needs. Especially large differences in the rate of development of the youngest are noticeable in the first years of their life. When looking for puzzles for toddlers who are 18 months or older, you can safely opt for the wooden pictures, to which you can fit the elements. Such sets should occupy most kids until they are 3-4 years old. If the item will not yet attract the child's attention, it will certainly begin to be an attractive toy in the near future. It should be remembered that in order for a toddler to concentrate on the puzzle, he can not be distracted by strong visual and auditory stimuli in the environment.

Suggestions for children aged 2-4 years

Progressive puzzles are sets that can be easily adjusted to the child's cognitive abilities. The puzzle sets with different levels of difficulty will be suitable for toddlers for a long time. In a set dedicated to a child at a certain age there are several pictures consisting of different number of elements. So both toddlers just entering a given year of life and those a few months older will find interesting tasks for themselves. Such toys can be a great entertainment for several children of similar age.

Sensory puzzles are universal suggestions for two-, three- and four-year-olds. Pictures in this category often consist of a dozen or more elements. Arranging them on their own may be too difficult for the youngest. The elements, when matched with the help of the caregivers, may become illustrations stimulating the development. The pictures are equipped with additional layers of material of different texture. These mimic real-life experiential experiences with objects or characters. This will provide multi-level development for two-year-olds, and for older children, arranging puzzles on their own will be an attractive variety. See Educational toys for 5 year olds - BananaPanda.

Puzzles for older preschoolers and school children

Children who are at least 5 years old should be offered educational puzzles, which will facilitate the development of new skills and the assimilation of information. Among them there are interesting sets for learning reading, counting or foreign languages. Certainly, the puzzles showing the structure of human body or the diagram of the Solar System are worth attention. Jigsaw puzzles depicting a map of the world or star constellations can turn out to be exceptionally beneficial sets for children. Educational puzzles adjusted to the child's age will be both developing and attractive.