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Achiever Bonus

Achiever Bonuses are paid to Representatives as they progress through the ranks from Manager to Ambassador. The Bonus is paid when at least 3 teams achieve the target Team GV.

The Achiever Bonus is paid only ONCE at each level, so if you reached Executive level and received the bonus then dropped below to Manager, you would not receive the achiever Bonus when you next reach the target level between Manager and Executive. There is often some confusion as to when this bonus pays, it does not pay out for reaching a new rank it pays at levels between each rank.

Take a look at the chart on page 28 of the Comp Plan Over View to see what GV you need in each team, and how much you receive in Achiever Bonuses. The Achiever Bonus pays between each rank and is a little cash incentive to reward the momentum you have created.

It pays at 1 level between Manager & Executive, then 2 levels between Executive and Managing Executive, 2 levels between Managing Executive & Senior Executive, and 2 levels between Senior Executive & Ambassador.

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  • Sponsor Bonus

    Sponsor Bonuses are paid up-line to Active Representatives from where the order is placed through 8 compressed levels. Compressed means that if a person is inactive and would have been eligible for the bonus had they been active, the bonus will flow up to the next active eligible person.

  • Retirement Bonus

    Retirement Bonuses are paid to active Representatives according to rank, this is made up of all of the BV from all orders made by down-line Representatives who have been with the company for more than 30 days.

  • Loyalty Bonus

    ANY Representative regardless of rank, on a minimum 75 Point BP, is eligible to receive the Loyalty Bonus. They will receive $75 in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK and other countries or $110 in Japan, if they have 3 personally sponsored Representatives on at least a 75 Point BP.

  • Executive Pool

    Reaching Executive is a great achievement. In addition to having succeeded in getting your business to this level, you will now start to share in some exclusive bonuses. The Executive Pool is allocated 4% of all Retirement BV from which all Executives receive a share.

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